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Liverpool and Plymouth fans remembering Daniel May



This is a very sad story of a father, Kevin May, having the news of the passing of his son Daniel while he was watching the FA Cup tie opposing Liverpool and Plymouth in Anfield last Sunday.

Kevin May explained in details on Facebook how he was taken care by Liverpool fans and officials. As he had just crossed the entrance porch, he received a phone call from his eldest son Terry, informing him that his other son, Daniel, was suffering a heart attack and was at the Intensive Care Unit. As he collapsed and lost his words on hearing the news, a Police officer by the name of Graham as well as the Anfield Ticket Fraud officer understood the situation and immediately came to the rescue of the father by taking him to the Surveillance Room of the stadium. Although they cannot do much to help Kevin, the two men have provided significant support and comfort during a very difficult time for the Argyle supporter.

But the most difficult moments are yet to come. “Unfortunately I was only at my seat a matter of minutes, maybe ten I'm not sure, when I got a text from my daughter Stacey which simply read "he's gone". My beautiful 25-year-old son Daniel had died of cardiac arrest” Kevin May wrote.

Daniel May lived in Sutton with his mother, Kevin May's first wife. Born with two holes in his heart, he had to undergo open heart surgery at the age of six months. The operation had some very bad effects on Daniel May whose brain was harshly damaged. He was thus blind, a cerebral palsy sufferer, epileptic and a quadriplegic. Kevin May told that “this was the worst day of my life until Sunday because now I have lost him”.

As Kevin's sadness and loneliness became more and more important, the Reds began to sing the famous "You'll Never Walk Alone". The song went straight to Kevin’s heart, “with the impression they were singing it to me and it was incredibly special and it lifted my spirits greatly".

Yesterday at the replay game in Plymouth, supporters all round the ground applauded in the 25th minute, in memory of Daniel May. The Liverpool Community Foundation has prepared a special banner in memory of Daniel May. “RIP Daniel May - You'll Never Walk Alone”.  After the match, which Liverpool won 0-1, fans carrying the banner have passed it across to Kevin's daughter, Stacey. Kevin May will take the banner to his son funeral.








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