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Kentlocated South East of England has a total population of 1,731,400 people (2014 Census) so that it is the 2nd most populated county in England with a population density of 4.3 people per hectare, making it less densely populated on a total space area of 3,736 km2 (1,442 sq mi).Over the years till mid-2014, the number of people residing in the Kent county grew by 16,800 or a 1.1% rise.

 The population consists of 48% males and 52% males and the age group most dominant in this region is 16-46 so that there is a strong workforce. 

Since the past decade, Kent has experienced more births than deaths and more people moving in to Kent than leaving. The result has been steady population growth in the county with 17,305 births and 14,014 deaths resulting in a net gain of +3,291 people from natural change. The number of deaths in Kent has been falling steadily over recent years as the life expectancy of people has improved with an improved standard of living. Despite an less than proportionate increase in the number of deaths in 2012 and 2014, they continue to be lower than they have been in the previous 34 years while the number of births still remains high. Consequently, we continue to see a +net natural change in population of Kent.

 In the last year, migration was the key factor of change in Kent for 78.1%, or +13,200. Nationally, migration is also the key component of the total population change although the proportion is more balanced. Overall, there has been a significant demographic change in the population in the whole county.