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According to 2013 statistics, the population of Surrey stands at 1,152,100 on a total area of 1,663 km² thus a population density of 683/km2 (1,770/sq mi) or most densely populated shire counties in England with 6.9 persons per hectare while the overall population density of England as a whole is 4.1 persons per hectare. Kingston Upon Thames is the capital of this county.

In contrast to England, Surrey has a slightly larger proportion of people aged 35- 54 and a smaller amount of people aged 15-34.

In Surrey, the General Fertility Rate (GFR) among females aged 15-44 years was 62.9 in 2013, in proportionately higher than the rate for England (62.4).

The birth rate has been steadily rising in recent years, with the number of babies taking birth reaching a peak of 14,237 in 2012. However the rate decreased again in 2013 resulting in around 670 fewer births than in the previous year.  No information has been gathered about the death rate and net migration into the county to report on the natural change and population fluctuations.