Bucks Herald - Publish a death notice

The Bucks Herald caters for the town of Aylesbury in the county of Buckinghamshire from which it derives its name in abbreviated form. It is a paid-for newspaper published every Wednesday. It exhibits a compact format, that is, almost midway between a broadsheet and a tabloid since May 2012.

Your message, be it a death announcement, an obituary, or a memorial will have a place of choice in its Announcements page which it shares with the Thame Gazette and the Bucks Advertiser. Do go to to draft your notice to your satisfaction.

Apart from its News section, the Bucks Herald also has a Property page, Motors, Holidays, and Jobs page. Its sport section amply covers the town’s football club, Aylesbury FC.

As at August 2016, it had 11,800 followers on Twitter and 4,643 likes on Facebook. During the year 2016, it has an average circulation of 6,788 per issue, a figure which is likely to have grown further to the demise of the Bucks Free Press. Its total readership was 22,398 per issue during the same period with the concentration of readers in Wenodover, followed by Aylesbury and ending with Aylesbury Rural in terms of percentage readership. Its average monthly audience reached 36294 – which is the total number of the above-15 age bracket who viewed this website in an average month.

The Bucks Herald is owned by Johnston Press, the prominent multimedia company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its flagship titles include the national newspaper the i, The Scotsman, the Yorkshire Post, the Falkirk Herald, The News (Portsmouth) and The News Letter in Belfast.

This local newspaper was launched in January 1832 as The Bucks Herald, Farmers' Journal and Advertisers' Chronicle for Bucks, Beds, Herts, Berks, Oxon, Northamptonshire. It had a political vocation at the time bringing its support to the Conservative Party for several decades. It absorbed two of its competitors around 1872, namely he Bucks Gazette and the Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Chronicle.

The Bucks Herald has a sister newspaper - the free Bucks Advertiser which is published every Friday by Johnston Press.

Address: The Gatehouse, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury HP19 8DB, United Kingdom

Latest Parsed Death Notices at Bucks Herald

Michael Buckley, Barbara Hartley (Princes Risborough), Frank Crowdy (Amersham), Anthony Melluish, Colin Darvill, Margaret Valentine, Christine Maitland, Anthony Ewers, Pauline Marshall, Victor Brooks (Amersham), John Maguire, John Hardcastle, Eric Throssell, Carole Ingram, Peter Frearson (Aylesbury), Mary Boait, Giuseppina Borzaro, Derek Nurse, Geoff Cheshire (Buckingham), Roy Dendy, Joan Richter, Andy Ward