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Based in Ipswich, the East Anglian Daily Times provides up-to-date information in Suffolk and North Essex. It was founded in October 1874 by englobing the Ipswich Express which was itself created in 1939. The paper is published every day from Monday to Saturday.

The East Anglian Daily Times was merged with the Ipswich Star in 2010. It is actually published in four regions- North, East and West Suffolk as well as in Essex. The average circulation on a daily basis is around 30,000. The East Anglian Daily Times also hosts a website and is present on social networks to provide up-to-date information. The paper does have lively and interesting events to cover as the town attracts many artists and has many galleries. In 2006, the town became the centre of attention through the media which was covering the bloodbathsof a serial killer.

Today, the East Anglian Daily Times also provides for the placement of adverts and various notices including death notices. The customer service at can help you in the tragic moment of loss of a close person. From drafting the notice to its publication, the customer service guarantees a professional approach.

Address: 1 King Street, Sudbury CO10 2EB

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Jim Prior (Suffolk)

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