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The Paisley Daily Express is a daily Scottish newspaper sold from Monday to Saturday in the town of Paisley, and the surrounding area of Renfrewshire, including the towns of Renfrew, Johnstone, Erskine and Linwood. The paper is published in the tabloid format, and it covers among others the latest local news, sports news, human interest stories, pictures and opinions. In its pages, the readers can also find church news, intimations, crosswords and letters to the editor.

 The newspaper is owned by Trinity Mirror, and its editorial offices have been based in Glasgow since 2012, when it underwent a major redesign and reorganisation. At the time, other changes included a dramatic promotional drop in price from 45p to 20p and an increase in page count, which guaranteed more entertainment and user-generated content. Paisley Daily Express’ own website stopped operating in 2013, when Media Scotland unified several local newspapers under the online umbrella of the Daily Record.

 The Paisley Daily Express was founded in 1874, and ever since it has kept its original title. Locally it’s known as the “Wee Express” -- a nickname that distinguishes it from the national newspaper the Daily Express (or also known as the “Big Express”). in cooperation with Paisley Daily Express would like to support you during the difficult time of loss and mourn. Get in touch with our experienced customer service team at, who will help you compose death notices or announcements, and pay your respects to deceased family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues with the most respectful and soulful words.

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Jim Reed (Renfrewshire)

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