Salford Advertiser - Publish a death notice

The Salford Advertiser is a well-established paper in the city of Salford, not far from Manchester in England. Created as the Salford City Reporter, it has been rebranded later as the Salford Advertiser. It is distributed freely to most households in the region but there are some locations where it is sold for a minimal price.

Initially published by Manchester Evening News Media Ltd, it is currently owned by the Trinity Mirror group which acquired it in 2010. The latter is one of the largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher in Britain. The paper provides wide coverage of news and events in the region, according to the interests of the local community. According to latest figures, 88,570 are distributed while its readership is estimated to be around 112,673.

It equally offers supplements such as the Homesearch Property. Reaching a large number of families, the paper has extended its service by providing placement of announcements and multiple adverts. It furthermore offers the publication of death notices through the staff of who can properly handle the drafting and monitor the publication.  

Address: Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EF

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