Slough Express - Publish a death notice

The Slough & South Buck Express is a much appreciated weekly newspaper published in the large town of Slough in Berkshire, England. It is owned by Baylis Media Ltd that equally publishes four more weekly papers in the Berkshire area since 1869.

The Slough & South Buck Express has imposed itself as a reliable paper in the region. Abiding by the same editorial line and upholding high journalistic standards as its sister papers, it is respected to committing itself to fair and accurate reporting. Having at heart the interest of the local community, the Slough & South Buck Express is consistently striving to provide extensive in-depth information the its loyal readers. The paper sees itself as providing a public service to the community.

In the same breath, the Slough & South Buck Express offers the placement of adverts, announcements and various types of notices. In order to publish a death notice in the Slough & South Buck Express, the local community is offered the choice of seeking the assistance of the customer service at The latter can be entrusted to accurately draft and monitor the publishing of the notice in a sober manner, paying due respect to the deceased and the family.

Address: Baylis Media Ltd, Newspaper House, 48 Bell Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL61HX.

Latest Parsed Death Notices at Slough Express

BETTY WOODEN (Berkshire)