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Terms And Conditions

  • (to be known henceforth as “The Website”) is owned by INTERPRESS LTD, with its registered office address at 71-75 Shelton Street, London, England, WC2H 9JQ, and bearing Registrar of Companies No. 07588527.
  • The main purpose of the site is to allow the publication of Death notices, Acknowledgements, Tributes, Condolences and Funeral Mass notices in relation to the loss of a person. From a simple and convenient form of input, one has the possibility to draft a notice, review and, edit the resultant notice, and then confirm the drafted notice in a newspaper of his/her choice.
  • By visiting and/or using this website, the user accepts the following terms and conditions of use, as well as its Privacy Policy (Legal Notice) that is published in a separate page. (indicate URL of the Legal Notice)
  • The ‘user’ may be an individual or a company, their agent and/or duly authorized representative.
  • Any acceptance by the user implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions as advertised by In the event that the user has or wishes to act through an agent, the must immediately directly, or through the user’s  representative in case there might be any changes to the original mandate that could have an effect on the performance of the services entrusted to
  • As an independent service provider, Death Notices UK will support you with all required formalities at the newspapers as these form part of our services.
  • INTERPRESS LTD reserves the right to change the content of these terms and conditions at any time. The general conditions applicable are those published online at the time the order was made by the user. The user validates their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box provided for this purpose on the website
  1. ACCEPTANCE AND EXECUTION OF ORDERS (Instructions to publish)

    1.1 All publication orders are exclusively booked online at “the Website” through the use of forms provided on the website or by submitting their text by fax (provide fax no.) or email (provide email address). The user must select the following on the website:

1.1.1 The county in which the publication should take place and

1.1.2 The newspaper of choice in which the publication is to be inserted.

Information marked with an asterisk is mandatory for the confirmation of the order.

1.2 If the user wants a precise date of publication, the notice must specify explicitly in the field provided for this purpose in the form made available on the website. This option offered to the user is however only available for daily newspapers.

1.3 In any case, the dates and position in the newspaper cannot be guaranteed by "the Website", given the space constraints and deadlines of newspapers in general.

1.4 The user or his/her agent or the user’s representative, if any, after writing of the notice, should confirm the  publication order and choose between any of the two following methods:

(i) Online secure payment, which will result in immediate execution or acceptance of the publication order with the selected newspaper, or

(ii) Payment by bank cheque or bank transfer, which will result in the execution of the processes as mentioned above of the publication order, after on receipt and proper collection of the payment indicated in the bank cheque or bank transfer.

1.5 Processing and execution of publication orders by "the Website" takes place on weekdays, during the regular business hours of the offices of the newspaper selected by the user.

1.6 Following the chosen mode of payment, the user or his agent or representative shall receive (after validation of payment, in case of secure payment), and after receipt of payment (in case of payment by cheque or bank transfer), a confirmation of order shall be sent by “the Website” via e-mail to the address provided for in the form. “The Website” shall also confirm with the user or user’s agent or user’s representative, the newspaper/s chosen by the user together with the invoice.

 1.7 After the publication order has been approved by the user or their authorized agent or representative, the approval mandates INTERPRESS LTD to undertake in the name and on behalf of the user to proceed with the publication of his notice in the selected newspaper.

 1.8 INTERPRESS LTD is an independent service provider offering the possibility to publish notices in the newspaper(s) selected by the user or user’s agent or As such, INTERPRESS LTD only intervenes when mandated by the user, as described in these terms and conditions.

 1.9 The user or his/her authorized representative is informed that INTERPRESS LTD reserves the right to assign all or part of the mandate entrusted to him to another provider. The user or their agent or representative agrees to such right through the acceptance of these terms and conditions during the validation of their order of publication.



Right to a refund

2.1 In the event that the consumer rightfully feels aggrieved that the publication order did not take effect, that consumer has the right to a refund under Section 45 of the Consumer Rights Act. A refund must normally be made within fourteen (14) business days from the day INTERPRESS LTD agrees that the consumer is entitled to a refund with no additional fees imposed.

2.2 Such exercise of the right to refund must be made in writing, duly addressed to INTERPRESS LTD, indicating the reason/s for such exercise of right. INTERPRESS LTD., further reserves the right to refuse such right to refund should it deem the same as frivolous and/or without basis.



Price, invoicing, time and payment delays

3.1 The publication orders will be charged based on the public VAT rate in force at the time of the order. The price indicated in the publication order covers the cost of publication of the notice and INTERPRESS LTD’s management fees. No additional amount is to be requested from the client, unless Sec 3.4 applies

 3.2 The secure online payment via credit card is ensured by CIC Solution, which integrates an encryption process using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in the said transaction.

 3.3 The invoice is to be issued in the user’s name and contact information, sent to the email indicated by the user, user’s agent and/or representative. The domicile is deemed to be the address indicated by the user in the contact form provided and completed by the user, user’s agent and/or representative.

 3.4 Any incident and/or late payment for the publication order will result in an indemnity fee equal to 10% of the amount indicated in the invoice inclusive of tax of all the sums due in principle, but not less than £50. In addition to the imposition of late payment interest, the amount of (indicate penalty fee)will be applied as of right at the legal interest rate multiplied by the invoice amount, without notice, from the due date of the unpaid invoice.

 3.5 All costs, fees and expenses incurred by INTERPRESS LTD for the recovery of his debt (which include costs, fees, usher’s fees, barrister’s fees, court registry but not limited to the same) will be charged and paid for by the user.


    4.1 The user or user’s agent or authorized representative is solely responsible for the content of the notice that user seeks wishes to be published. It is up to the user to thoroughly verify the accuracy and spelling of texts and mentions in the said notice as well as their compliance with applicable legal and regulatory provisions before confirmation and payment of the said publication order. The user or their agent and/or representative should also verify that the content provided by the user do not contain any defamatory or injurious remarks to third parties.

 4.2 INTERPRESS LTD shall be free of any liability, for any reason whatsoever, for any direct or indirect damages due to the publication at the request of the user or its authorized representative.

 4.3 Failure to publish the notice shall not give rise to the user or his authorized representative the right to any damages or interest, the right to cancel the order, or any right to be exempted from paying the publication ordered. The user would have the right to request an equivalent new publication in the same newspaper or similar newspaper in the same county and at a similar price.

 4.4 INTERPRESS LTD cannot be made liable for the failure of a receipt of invoice due to technical failure as well as an error in the contact details and e-mail provided by the user or their agent and/or authorized representative for the transmission of documents.

 4.5 INTERPRESS LTD is free from any obligation to publish the notice in case of fortuitous events or cases of force majeure (total or partial strikes, floods, fires etc). In this case, the user or their agent and/or authorized representative will be offered a choice by INTERPRESS LTD to either of the following:

(i) Refund the confirmed order or

(ii) Publish the notice in the selected newspaper or another similar newspaper of the same county at a similar price.

4.6 For any claim, the user or his authorized representative can contact INTERPRESS LTD at the address appearing on the Legal notice tab on the
website, or by e-mail at: customer @

4.7 Claims must be made known to INTERPRESS LTD within a seven (7) day period from the date of the disputed event. To avoid any dispute, the user or their agent and/or representative, if any, should send their complaint by registered post with a due acknowledgment of receipt, as evidenced by the postmark on the said complaint letter. After this period of seven (7) days, no amicable or legal claim will be allowed or admissible against INTERPRESS LTD.



    5.1 Any dispute that may arise from the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions of sale or publication order or any possible technical conditions governing the publication order will be subject to UK legislation. In summary proceedings, in cases of multiple defendants or guarantee, and, in other cases, the competent court under the jurisdiction of England and Wales shall apply.

Date updated: December 22, 2016